Note from APS

Dear Homeowner and Homeowner Association,

In an effort to proactively mitigate potential wildfire caused by electrical equipment, and to comply with the International Wildland-Urban Interface Code, Arizona Public Service Forestry and Special Programs are undertaking a statewide pole clearing project.  The objective is to treat subject poles (poles housing electrical equipment with the potential to spark, such as switches, transformers, fuses, etc.) In order to be compliant a 10-foot radius around subject poles will be cleared of vegetation in order to create and maintain combustible-free space.  The clearing is being done using manual methods (including rakes, string trimmers and hand saws) and treated where approved.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping create defendable space in your community.  The work in your area will be done on a three year cycle and the initial clearing will be done before the end of this year.


Wade Ward

Fire Mitigation Specialist / APS