Speed bump ballot results

Thanks for all your help and patience as your HOA officers and Board worked on resolving the speed bump controversy.  Pioneer Title in Payson conducted the election and tallied the votes. The results of the balloting are as follows:.  there were 59 “yes” votes cast for installing speed humps in place of the current speed bumps and 44 “no” votes.  The results were based on a total of 77 property owners returning a total of 103 individual ballots (based on the “one vote per lot” rule).

Now the next phase will begin.  The current speed bumps have to be removed, the roads repaired, and then the permanent speed humps installed.  At the winter HOA meeting there was approval of the HOA budget for this year which included funds to both repair the roads and install the speed humps.

Thanks to all the property owners who voted.  That is what democracy is all about!

A letter from the Kohl’s Ranch Board of Directors

Dear Kohl’s Ranch Neighbor,

Your Kohl’s Ranch HOA Board of Directors recommends voting YES for the Speed Hump option on the ballot you have or will soon receive.

Speeding and its impact on safety have been an issue in our Community for many years. It would be wonderful if everyone abided by the 15MPH posted speed limit – but the reality is, too many people just drive too fast. Violators include local residents, Lodge guests, visitors, people just looking around and commercial vehicle drivers. As a result, speed bumps were installed to control speed, improve Homeowner safety, reduce wear on the roads (the majority of us spent a combined $70,000 to chip seal our roads) and to reduce the dust impact for everyone.

A main concern voiced at recent HOA meetings regarding our present speed bumps was they were designed for slower speeds and produce a jarring effect when one drives over the bumps. There have also been complaints about the resultant noise from trucks or trailers when crossing the bumps. After much discussion, your Board of Directors feel the BEST COMPROMISE are speed HUMPS. You have probably seen these in many areas throughout Arizona and other parts of the country. Speed Humps are also effective at controlling speed (thus improving safety, road wear and dust control) but are more gradual when crossing so the jarring effect is eliminated and the resultant noise is minimized, if not eliminated as well. Speed Humps, therefore, take care of a main complaint voiced at recent HOA meetings while still providing the benefits listed above. Both sides of this issue should find Speed Humps to be a fair compromise.

While it’s true, potholes can be an effective speed control measure; they can be quite jarring as well and lead to greater road deterioration. To maintain our roads, potholes are generally repaired at least once a year in late spring or early summer (usually by volunteers) – thus the end to any “natural” form of speed control. Concerning costs – your HOA (supported by almost two thirds of our Homeowners) has a road fund that will cover the costs of installing the speed humps – there will be no additional costs to you, the Homeowner.

Speeding is a reality in our community and it has significant safety and dust control impacts. Fellow neighbors have voiced their personal safety stories as a result of someone speeding and most of us see firsthand the resultant dust impact as well. Speed Humps are a good compromise that will serve well both sides of this issue.

Please mail in your ballot to meet the April 15th deadline. Again, we recommend you vote YES.


Your Kohl’s Ranch HOA Board of Directors